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Protron Mikrotechnik GmbH

Since 1999, Protron Mikrotechnik develops micro-electro-mechanical systems - MEMS. Our team of engineers and scientists supports you with excellent process know-how in latest technologies for the realization of your product. In combination with our experience in the application areas RF-MEMS, microfluidics, micromechanical sensors, and fiber-optics, we offer an outstanding development and production service. After a successfull prototyping, we provide a customer specific manufacturing concept - from small to high-volume production.

Protron offers

  • MEMS Design and Development
  • MEMS Prototyping and Production
  • Technology Services
    • silicon bulk-micromachining
    • silicon surface-micromachining


  • Micromechanical Sensors
  • Microfluidics
  • Microoptics